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Never used glasses before? The most important thing, get a lens that can provide vision with comfort without any vision.

Switch to progressive lenses for the first time? Feel tired of changing lenses? Varilux progressive lenses help accommodate your vision needs so you can continue your life with confidence

Have you ever used a progressive lens? Difficulty reading close or walk up and down stairs? Or are you moving your head a lots to adapt to the lenses? That's why Varilux adapts to you not the other way around.

  • Varilux Reccommended Brand by ECPs

Many people say they’re living the best time of their lives after 40.The weakening of sight. All of a sudden dim light, small prints, smartphone pixel become a burden to your vision . Don't worry with Varilux lenses you can embrace a world of boundless opportunities. More information for Varilux lenses please visit your nearest optician

  • Varilux 60th Anniversary Promotion

Get Varilux lens warranty with the following mechanics:

  • Buy 1 pair of Varilux lenses
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Warranty applies to broken lenses
  • Warranty is given according to the type of lens purchased
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